jo cox death

Now more than ever, we must continue to celebrate our diversity, never shying away from calling out discrimination wherever we find it. That's why I put my name to my colleague Naz Shah's recent letter to Tony Gallagher, calling out The Sun for publishing an article which referenced a "Muslim Problem".
As tragedy after tragedy unfolds on our own doorstep here in the UK it becomes a little easier for me to imagine the kind of horror people fleeing war have experienced - the horror they are running from and the horrors they have seen while trying to get their families to safety.
I believe this maniac would have struck, regardless of Brexit, and we could still be mourning the loss of an innocent life, or lives. It may have tipped this murdering coward over the edge but it didn't take him there.
In targeting a British MP, Mair was following a growing list of British nazi terrorists who believe that they are at war with the system... The Mair case highlights the ever-present threat of far-right terrorism in this country, a threat HOPE not hate still believes the authorities are not doing enough to tackle. While Thomas Mair pulled trigger, neo-Nazi propagandists must share some responsibility for fuelling and directing the hatred and violence inside him.
The Batley that I know and love has lost some of its sparkle, we have lost some of our light. But I believe that Jo and the memory of Jo will continue to burn bright and live on in all of us who continue her good work with the same passion, love and zeal that she displayed throughout her short-lived time in Parliament. Jo is gone, but will never be forgotten.