Iain Duncan Smith is reportedly considering new cost-cutting plans to force all unemployed people to "sign on" at the Jobcentre
Gerri Spiers has been taking to the streets in search of work as a secretary with her trusty sandwich board, causing a commotion
Imperial Tobacco is to end cigarette manufacturing in the UK after announcing plans to close its factory in Nottingham with
George Osborne's claim to be "getting Britain working" has been savagely undermined by official figures showing that the
Unemployed Britons should have to pick fruit on farms or be stripped of their benefits, farming minister George Eustice has
The number of people forced to work part-time because they have not been able to find full-time work is at its highest level
Coalition ministers and their supporters in the press have seized upon the latest employment figures showing that the number
Iain Duncan Smith has unveiled new plans to force jobseekers to spend 35 hours a week at the job centre to show they are
Youth unemployment has remained stubbornly high this year, with the number rising by 9,000 from February to April this year
Unemployment has fallen by 24,000 to 2.49 million people but the number of people in part-time work has risen to its highest