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Football's Joey Barton insists he will serve time in prison if necessary over his controversial tweets about the John Terry
Footballer Joey Barton could be in trouble with the Attorney General after posting a series of comments online about John
There was a time when a dip into any Premier League line-up would produce a veritable smorgasbord of stars who you'd not only want to cheer to victory, but could imagine sharing a pint with. Whatever happened to the 'characters' of football? And can we get them back?
Anyone familiar with his Nietzsche-filled Twitter feed won’t be surprised to hear that footballer Joey Barton likes a good
Joey Barton has revealed he is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The footballer opened up to fans on Twitter, admitting
Queens Park Rangers captain and Twitter feud fanatic Joey Barton refused leave from a football game to attend the birth of
Tributes have poured in for Dan Wheldon, the IndyCar racing driver who died in Las Vegas on Sunday, as his family described