Johann Lamont

If the Tories in Scotland and the SNP could cast a vote between November 17, when the ballot commences, and December 13, when the new leader is announced, you can be sure it would be for Jim Murphy. Why? Because with Murphy as leader the likelihood of a Tory government at Westminster in 2015 increases to the point of being guaranteed.
Ed Miliband has rejected an accusation by former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont that he treated Scotland as a "branch
The Iraq war damaged the Labour Party in Scotland and boosted the anti-war SNP, according to the party's new interim leader
Gordon Brown MP has reportedly ruled himself out of the Scottish Labour leadership campaign, after wild speculation that
The Scottish Independence debate sparks fierce emotion on both sides of the camp and the colour of your rosette aside, strong support can be found on Twitter and Facebook from across the political spectrum.
The SLP has always been best when it's been boldest, such as when they brought in free healthcare for the elderly, abolished student fees and introduced the smoking ban. Unfortunately little of that boldness has remained since they entered opposition.
An MP suspended from the Labour Party after being charged with assault has denied claims he had a relationship with a schoolgirl
Labour MP Tom Harris has quit his post as the party's new media adviser after posting video comparing the comments of an
Alex Salmond asked MSPs to back his call for Holyrood to set the date of a referendum on Scottish independence on Thursday
New Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has unveiled her front-bench appointments, including a top job for her closest challenger