John Constable

John Constable remains one of Britain's best-loved artists and I don't think you will ever see a more thorough examination of his approach to and design of his work than this new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Political protest through art vandalism casts a wider net than just a direct attack on original pieces of work... An instinctive reaction is to be outraged when we hear of works of art being attacked. Why? Art's great power is in its irreverence. Why should we therefore be reverent of it?
A man has been charged with criminal damage after sticking a photo to a painting by John Constable. Paul Douglas Manning
A painting by John Constable has sold for £22,441,250 - a world record price at auction for the Romantic artist. The Lock
Masterpieces by the likes of John Constable, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Francis Bacon, together valued at more than £200 million