John Hayes

A Tory minister has been mocked for refusing to take questions from any MP too ‚Äúsartorially challenged‚ÄĚ to wear a tie. Speaker
Photograph by Cicerone There's a map of each section. The author then divides these into stages. Sticking to Cicerone's tried
Vince Cable has spent nearly £11,000 since 2010 on media training for his junior ministers at the Department for Business
A minister appointed to act as David Cameron's link man to the parliamentary party in a surprise mini-reshuffle insisted
David Cameron today announced changes to his ministerial team, with Michael Fallon adding responsibility for energy to his
Energy Secretary Ed Davey will flesh out proposals today to ensure all households are on the cheapest gas and electricity
MP Chris Heaton-Harris has been left looking a little bird-brained by a Greenpeace video which shows him calling the RSPB
George Osborne today reaffirmed his support for the Government's energy policy after activists secretly filmed his father
George Osborne is masterminding an effort to undermine the coalition's commitment to be the greenest government ever, a senior