John Healey

Labour’s shadow housing secretary John Healey has said he does not agree with John McDonnell that the deaths in Grenfell
Everyone knows someone affected by the housing crisis. From young people still stuck with their parents, to families in short-term private rented homes, to children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews struggling to buy a first home. Home is at the centre of all our lives. Yet under the Conservatives, housing pressures have got worse, not better.
The party will build 100,000 new homes for those struggling to get on the housing ladder
First-time buyers will be offered 100,000 new homes on the cheap as Labour tries to help those priced out of the housing
Looking after an 8-month-old baby is a challenge for anyone, but Dian Walker is finding it tougher than most. The mother
The last time house building was this low in peacetime was 1923
House building under the Tories has fallen to its lowest peacetime levels since the 1920s, HuffPost UK reveals today. An
Rent controls, building on the green belt and reforming the benefits cap are just some of the measures needed to tackle the