John Hurt

David Tennant may be two doctors ago now, but it seems his farewell to Rose in Doctor Who's 'Doomsday' can still raise a
'Doctor Who' has been known to have different actors playing the Time Lord, but now it's gone one step further and The Doctor
Doctor Who has travelled in time to a whole new TV generation, with 56% of viewers live tweeting about the 'Day of the Doctor
While the exact viewing figures have yet to be released, Saturday night's one-off special Doctor Who episode was beamed to
With Doctor Who celebrating its 50th birthday, I decided the only way to watch the celebratory Day of the Doctor was to take myself off to the cinema to watch it in 3D with three similarly-obsessed female chums (thank you Charli for booking the tickets). And wow, it was good. Amazing in fact.
John Hurt takes his place at number nine in the complete line-up But Moffat more than compensated with what WAS in there
No doubt there's frenzied fan speculation regarding The Day of The Doctor, the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special set to
'Doctor Who' fans have been given another sneak peek at the show's 50th anniversary special episode. Matt Smith, David Tennant
John Hurt's appearance as an a unidentified incarnation of The Doctor during the series seven finale of 'Doctor Who' had
Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat is a man of his word. A secret kept is a promise honoured in Steven Moffat's world Moffat