John Kerry

Not only is the US position over the Falkland Islands a betrayal of the Special Relationship it is also hypocritical. America is a country founded on the rights and ideas of self-determination so it is preposterous to think that the US will not back the right of self-determination of others.
John Kerry has said the United States takes "no position" on whether the Falkland Islands belong to Britain or Argentina
John Kerry has indicated the United States is prepared to step up its assistance to the Syrian opposition movement, following
America's newly appointed secretary of state flew 3,678 miles on Monday for a meeting with David Cameron- and failed to discuss
The ten things you need to know on Monday 25 February 2013... 1) THE RETURN OF 'CALAMITY CLEGG'? Oh dear. So there we were
The German president has made a direct appeal to the British public not to vote in favour of the UK leaving the European
Foreign Secretary William Hague will discuss the United States' position on the Falkland Islands with John Kerry following
The United States must not cut back on foreign aid, the new American secretary of state John Kerry has said on the eve of
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How can President Obama make good on his campaign promises to strengthen the welfare state, invest in America's crumbling infrastructure and preserve American leadership in world affairs - all in a period of sluggish growth and continued economic uncertainty? The president will have the first of two important opportunities to provide some answers at his inauguration this Sunday.