John Lennon

In his 40 years, John Lennon became as famous for his acerbic wit and social activism as he did for his unique contribution
Unpublished negatives of John Lennon with his wife Yoko Ono, taken just two days before he died, are set to go on sale at
Wow that Lennon clip was beyond appalling :( #itwasalrightinthe60s — Mummy on a mission (@Thistiredmummy) September 21, 2015
After almost 50 years on the newsstands, Rolling Stone magazine has become synonymous with the heavy-hitters from the world
Beatles purists will probably want to look away now, as Sir Paul McCartney has made an interesting comparision, stating that
John Lennon’s first wife Cynthia Lennon has died at the age of 75. A representative for Cynthia and John’s son Julian Lennon
There have been many remarkable responses to the attacks in Paris last week that left 17 people dead, from the national anthem
This album opens with the single, "Gimme Something Good". The video for which features sex-symbol and actress, or 'scream queen', Elvira.
'Monty's Christmas' is the seventh John Lewis advert directed by Dougal Wilson and features CGI technology to ensure Monty
The events in Missouri are a wake up call. The nation is not yet at peace. There is fear and conflict in our minds whose path always leads to destruction. When we transform this to peace and compassion the path leads to creativity and connection.