John McTernan

If we were all to believe that Jeremy Corbyn really is guilty of the charge which has been repeatedly levelled at him since becoming leader of the Labour Party - namely that he is unelectable - then we might as well admit defeat right now, disband the Labour Party and leave the Tories to it for the rest of eternity.
One of Labour's stalwart political strategists has left voters in no doubt about his feelings towards new shadow Chancellor
What have the Romans ever done for us? It's one of the funniest Monty Python routines and it is still relevant - it's the oldest and the newest complaint in politics. Now we have Alan McGee getting in on the act in a recent blog.
Ed Miliband has just given his final party conference speech before the general election, pledging to hit tax avoiders, tobacco
John McTernan, king of the What Labour Must Do franchise, has accepted a post as director of communications to the Prime
My piece on Calman yesterday had an interesting sequel. Tom Harris MP - Westminster's answer to the danger's of a Scottish