John Milton

As the truism goes, we get our whole lives to write a debut, and considerably less to produce the follow up. As a result
Although the book is somewhat restrictively called Shakespeare Up Close - the essays cover not only Shakespeare but other playwrights and poets of his time, before and after.
I rarely meet people who share my bittersweet obsession with both Shakespeare and Dostoevsky. So when I do, the elation is boundless. That's what made me gasp as I was looking through the contents of The Demonic: Literature and Experience, newly published by Routledge.
With all the exposure that the Internet provides, "sex" is as mundane a word today as "bread" and "water". Mind, I say *word*. It is remarkably absent from the language until the very sunrise of the 20th Century.
I turn now to the beginning of time as we know it: The creation of opera, where some great art rose from the ashes of the desolate earth and, from this glorified art form, came the great opera singer: figures of tremendous glamour, worshipped by an adoring public looking for inspiration and role models - these people were the celebrities of their time.