John Smith

Where is the country’s new Churchill when we need them the most?
Being backward-looking is a curse in politics. We need to know our history, so that we do not repeat the wrong bits. But pining for a bygone era, or looking to recreate something that has been and gone, never works. Worse still it stops you being able to shape the future. As centre-left people who want a Labour government, this is our task.
A month earlier, Ed Miliband had defeated his brother, David, in a bloody leadership contest. Amid the civil and family war
Sad, who me? Most of all, Cooper remains a big fan of Dr Who, even more than her children. “I’ve decided I like Peter Capaldi
Norwegian police are appealing for help in identifying this man – who was found collapsed in a snowdrift in Oslo four months
Those heaping vituperation upon Thatcher should also know that she was not just a politician but a wife, a grandmother and a mother. How are her family supposed to grieve with mob like disgusting behaviour going on?