John Squire

It seems like the dream ticket - This is England film director Shane Meadows takes on the task of documenting the comeback of legendary band, the Stone Roses. Quality director, seminal band, what's not to like? Well, quite a lot as it turns out...
There was a lot of interest some years ago when the childhood home of Rob Roy MacGregor, the Scottish folk hero that Mel Gibson did a darn fine job of playing in Braveheart, came up for auction. It went for something like three times the guide price (I know because I was the under bidder).
Two art works painted by Stone Roses guitarist John Squire have been destroyed in a fire which also burnt his studio to the
If the band can recover just one tenth of their once infinite potential, that alone would justify the reunion and put them streets ahead of contemporary pretenders like Kasabian. The world can only be a brighter place with The Stone Roses in it.
So I managed to get myself on the list to attend the press conference announcing the reunion of The Stone Roses. It's a tricky one this because I loved this band with a vengeance and I have mixed feelings about it.