John Terry

For the second consecutive game, Chelsea lost points due to a disjoint performance by an ill-equipped defence. That that would be the opening line about a Chelsea performance even in the new season reveals how little has changed in that department for the team; and how much the stagnation threatens to repeat the 2015/16 season.
There will be a void of character and admiration at Stamford Bridge this summer. The most successful captain in Chelsea's history will leave the club and affectively close an incredible chapter in the club's history.
Police are appealing for information after a video allegedly showing Chelsea supporters singing racist and anti-semitic songs
​Here's a look at five Premier League players who have successfully reinvented themselves in a new position this season.
John Terry's transgressions can't be ignored but the Chelsea captain has always possessed a generous streak that few have
John Terry could replace Roy Keane as ITV's prized pundit at the World Cup finals in Brazil. Keane Pulls Out Of Another World
John Terry has signed a one-year contract extension at Chelsea. The club captain, who made his debut in 1998, will lead Chelsea
What do Portugal, Manchester United and Atlético Madrid have in common? They have all made John Terry cry. 'Cojones And Control
Chelsea manager José Mourinho is considering surrendering the Barclays Premier League title to Liverpool by fielding a weakened
Mourinho can point the finger at his strikers all he likes, but his return to Chelsea was an open secret long before the transfer window opened. He should have identified the problem and come up with various solutions before the start of the season, not when it is getting to its most crucial juncture.