John van Geest Cancer Research Centre

It seems to me, after seeing a dear friend die over a prolonged period, as he endured the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy in a last ditch attempt to gain a few more precious days/weeks with his family, that anything we can do to make the treatment more bearable, let alone more successful than some of the current treatment options, has got be a good thing.
Listening to the news about NICE turning down yet another cancer drug has made me very sad and a little puzzled. In the space of 10 days two new drugs - Kadcyla and Abiraterone, that would give valuable extra time to breast and prostate cancer sufferers respectively, have been refused because of cost.
This week is Graduation Week at Nottingham Trent University and the city centre is filled with smiling
We all know the theory and long before I began to work in the sector, I tried to have a balanced diet, occasional no alcohol days, early to bed on a 'school night' etc - but even when the spirit is willing, more often than not the flesh is weak. I