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Former Justice Secretary Michael Gove tweeted on Monday in defence of the press, but argued that the High Court ruling was
'The operation's only half way finished,' Neil replied
BBC presenter Andrew Neil was told he sounds “like a lady” by a Tory MP during a bizarre interview this afternoon. Technical
This week’s Commons People podcast sees the Huffington Post UK’s politics team tackle Syria, the Snoopers’ Charter and student
As the Conservative Party Conference draws to a close, we have been treated to some of the worst displays of political intolerance by the British New Left since the riots which followed the General Election. However, as Conservatives, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated, nor to simply consider such behaviour an "occupational hazard" of being right-wing in Britain today.
A Conservative MP and former Army officer has told of being attacked as "a f***ing Tory" as he made his way out of the party's
Ignore the haters - I know it can be tough when the crowd is baying as you make your way to conference today. But know this: the vast majority in this country think like I do. We are not huge political animals, and neither are we intellectual greats. We do however respect those who put themselves in office for a cause; we believe in a healthy economy to look after our most vulnerable and we believe that for too long, an entire generation had a better time living off the dole than those of us who bothered to get a job to feed our young families. It's been an inspiring conference. And I look forward to coming back for many years to come.
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has been forced to confirm five British pilots have been involved in carrying out air strikes
Newly-elected Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has starred half-naked in a shower gel advert. The MP for Plymouth Moor stripped
MPs will tomorrow find out which of their number will be given a prime opportunity to champion a law of their choice. A ballot