jolyon maugham

Exclusive: The Department of Health and Social Care said releasing the information would "exceed the appropriate cost limit" of £600.
High Court rules the government did not comply with a legal obligation over the award of billions of pounds’ worth of deals.
PM and health secretary have been given notice of legal proceedings by Runnymede Trust and the Good Law Project for alleged cronyism over "jobs for pals" row.
A legal action has been launched against the government over its failure to disclose details of its spending.
Maugham has been fiercely criticised on Twitter for sharing details of the incident.
Jolyon Maugham and Joanna Cherry say Boris Johnson's bid to "update" human rights law and judicial review process are causing "deep alarm".
The legal bid will be heard at Scotland's highest civil court on Friday.
Even tiny countries like Luxembourg can have a big role in deciding the future of the UK.
There's compelling evidence waste on the tax side of the Government's P&L but Osborne, quite literally, does not want to know. This is not where you get to if you're trying to "eliminate the deficit". It's not the way to delivery "security for working people". It's not what you do if you have a genuine focus on "the best value for money for taxpayers". But an ideological exercise in shrinking the State? It looks like this.