jonathan romain

Then there is the issue of personal autonomy and the fact that our body belongs to us, not to the government or NHS. So while it may be very worthy to donate organs after our death, we alone should make the choice.
It is back to classes this week for most children, but although much of the routine will seem fairly familiar, a quiet revolution
For us, one can be religious and gay, Jewish and homosexual, and there is simply no contradiction. In fact, the inability to be both would be a mockery of religious values and Jewish ethics. It is a shame that gay rights have become enshrined in law but not yet in the mindsets of all people of faith. But progress is being made, and, hopefully, the tide of tolerance will prove impossible to resist.
A controversy has been playing out in the pages of the Jewish Chronicle over whether animals have souls and whether it is
The prison sentence handed down this week to an Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria, has divided Israeli opinion but offers a way
Whatever plans you have for tonight, I suggest you cancel them and instead go to see Denial at the cinema. It tells the story of how one of the leading Holocaust-deniers, David Irving, was exposed as deliberately falsifying history.
Might it not be better to admit that life is fragile and limited, that the date of our death is as much out of our control as was the date of our birth, that we should make the most of the time we have and accept that it may well come to an end before we wish?
It was an astonishing event that reverberated far beyond the Sikh community. Last week, over fifty Sikhs interrupted a wedding that was taking place at a Sikh Temple in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. The reason? Because a Sikh bride was marrying a Hindu groom, and the protesters objected to a mixed-faith wedding taking place.
Yet again religion is in the dock, and yet again those of faith who abide by the law and seek to do good are being tarnished by others of faith who act illegally and engage in dubious practices.
It has been astonishing how quickly the transgender issue has leapt from obscurity to centre-stage in public conversation. And now Barack Obama has given Presidential profile to it by advising schools to let transgender children choose which category of toilet they wish to use...
The real tragedy is that the Abayahoudayan case not a unique one, for over the years several hundred Jewish woman in Britain have been held to ransom by former spouses.
Beneath the surface picture of a gently declining religious life in Britain, there is actually a swirling hubbub of spiritual activity. Religious Britain is like a river that appears to be flowing at a leisurely pace, but in which there is a series of fast undercurrents that suck others in and vie for mastery.
It is not good for society to ghettoise its future citizens so that they grow up segregated. It is not good for the children who grow up in an "us and them" culture; and in the very place where they should be learning about tolerance and respect. It is not good for faith - because it becomes tarnished by discrimination and is seen as divisive.
As a rabbi I back fully the call of John Pritchard - the Bishop of Oxford and the Church of England's head of education - to end the practice of school prayers that have been a legal requirement for the last seventy years.
Religious schools that select pupils on the basis of faith make up almost 50% of the "worst offenders" when it comes to admitting
The Daily Mail's attack on Ralph Miliband is so preposterous that there must be a hidden motive behind it. But what? One is that it is based on anti-semitism. That would put the Mail in the same category as Hitler who defined a Jew as anyone with one Jewish grandparent - nothing to do with faith and purely according to their birth.
A new campaign launched in an attempt to end schools selecting pupils based on their faith has provoked strong, passionate
If you were in a debate about the meaning of British identity or citizenship, one of the key values that would no doubt be highlighted is fairness. So you would expect fairness to apply especially to the educational system - but instead... it is absent in many state-funded schools which have a religious character.
Until now, Chinese Jews caught in a discrepancy between identity and status, have undergone individual conversion procedures, but as more and more such Jews emerge, it begs the question of whether world Jewry needs to reassess their situation and give them blanket recognition.