Jonathon Porritt

The Slow Life Symposium - founded by the Indian-British entrepreneur Sonu Shivdasani and his wife Eva and Chaired by Sir Jonathon Porritt - is not like any other conference that I have ever been to.
Social unrest and greater scrutiny of former President Lula's legacy mean all bets are off as far as the future of Brazil in concerned, says Jonathon Porritt, Founder-Director of Forum for the Future.
So where does the consumer fit in when it comes to analysing the potential for change? For a start, we've pretty much given up on our politicians doing anything substantial about today's converging sustainability crises. It seems they'll only act when they're 'given permission' to act by others: by the private sector, for instance, or, occasionally, by voters.
"Do not be mistaken. There are many thousands of business leaders and investors at all scales who want to align their actions
By any standards, Isaac Newton was a smart cookie. But he wasn't smart enough to avoid getting caught up in the South Sea Bubble in the 18th Century.
Despite the gloomy failures of Rio+20 and David Cameron's empty 'greenest government ever' promise, it's good that some parts of the UK can still come up with an enlightened approach. At the moment, it's Wales that provides a bright light in these gloomy times.