It was perhaps inevitable that one day there would be an entire magazine devoted to Katie Price. And that it would be curated
It is obvious to everyone that Bashar al Assad and his henchmen are not interested in human rights or reforms. They are totally focused on power, money and survival of the regime even if this means a civil war and a blood bath.
It's unlikely the constitutional reforms announced in both Jordan and Morocco will be sufficient in the medium to long term but it is a significant step as the region's monarchs begin to grapple with challenge to their authority.
The Holy month of Ramadan kicks off on August 1st - how will this affect the current political stalemates we are seeing across the Middle East?
Thirty four years after Egypt's President Anwar Sadat's historic flight to Jerusalem 'the map' may have become ever more redundant but as a mind-set, for Israel and many of her supporters, it has stood the test of time.
The Assad regime plays a very risky game by sending truckloads of Palestinian refugees to the frontier and encouraging them to demonstrate in favour of Israel's withdrawal.