Jorge Mario Bergoglio

On the surface, Pope Francis bears many similarities to his predecessor. The Cardinals it seems stuck to the traditional model, an elderly white man. But that only accounts for physical similarity. Beneath the surface however, the newly elected Pope Francis couldn't be more different from the Pope Emeritus.
They've brought us 47-second guides to Mitt Romney and Christmas - and now those clever people at Finite Funnies have turned
Argentina's president, Cristina Kirchner, has called on Pope Francis, with whom she is reported to have "frosty" relations
We have far more sophisticated communication techniques than a chimney stack. But it got me wondering. Is part of our fascination with events in St Peter's Square a longing for a simpler time? Is it the mystery and the tradition of the whole event that we love?
What a week! Especially for Catholics. And most especially for The Priest Formerly Known As Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Yes, after
A rose-pink angel-shaped cloud has appeared above the skies of Florida, hours after the new Pope made his first appearance
Jorge Mario Bergoglio has come out of literally nowhere (Argentina) to become the first new Pope since the last one. But
Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, second from left, travels on the subway in Buenos Aires, Argentina 3. He takes
To be fair to American reporter Mike Francesca, we weren't sure how to pronounce Jorge Mario Bergoglio's name at first, either
The first Argentinian-born Pope is a stauch defender of his country's rights to the Falkland Islands, once telling followers