Joseph Goebbels

The former MP said he "doesn't believe" Luciana Berger left Labour over anti-Semitism.
Brunhilde Pomsel described Goebbels as a 'ranting dwarf'.
A former secretary of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels has died at the age of 106. Brunhilde Pomsel lived most of
It's not the first time Goebbels has popped up in political discourse this year. Back in March then-Australian PM Tony Abbott
A Downing Street advisor has compared Nigel Farage (leader of the UK Independence Party) to Joseph Goebbels (Reich Minister
Lynton Crosby, the Australian spinner now advising the Tories ahead of the 2015 election, has been assigned some disparate
The current government's presentation of its policies to tackle a massive public debt is an object lesson in the effective use of the Big Lie. Pathologically opposed to any measures which might unduly affect the "wealth-creating potential" of the better-off, they are nevertheless determined to make massive reductions in public expenditure, and have targeted the Welfare Budget as a potential source of great savings.
Adolf Hitler’s former food taster has confirming that the German dictator was indeed a vegetarian, in a unique interview
A huge collection of Joseph Goebbels' writings, from his love letters and school essays to poetry and his university theses