Joseph Kabila

Kabila’s refusal to step down at the end of his mandate in December 2016 has triggered a series of street protests in which scores have been killed in Kinshasa.
Will the African body stand up for the battle-worn people of the Democratic Republic of Congo?
This could lead to the DRC's first peaceful transfer of power since independence from Belgium in 1960.
If serious and sustained pressure is not brought to bear upon Joseph Kabila's regime, he has the political and legal instruments to engineer a dynastic rule.
Human Rights Watch researcher Ida Sawyer said on Twitter that at least 26 people were killed by security forces.
Opposition protests in Kinshasa in September have left dozens dead, with the protesters retaliating by burning police officers in turn.
Christian Aid implemented a disaster resilience project in Bweremana in early 2011, with funding support from the UK Government, which was designed to help several hundred residents to diversify their crops in response to a crisis that hit their staple banana crops which was caused by an incurable plant disease called banana wilt - locally named 'the HIV of bananas.'..
The UK government is neglecting a British former soldier who is losing an unfair murder trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the suicide of his cellmate and friend, his lawyer said.