Joseph Stiglitz

Britain could be better off outside the European Union if the proposed free trade deal with the United States is signed, a
Alex Salmond has found an ally in the bitter argument about his "plan B" for an independent Scotland's currency, with a leading
Ed Balls deciding to join the the Tories and LibDems and apparently writing off the possibility of an Independent Scotland sharing a currency union with the rest of the UK is a low point for the Labour party.
If schools and policymakers were to encourage more market thinking and cross-communication we could begin to erect a more fluent society. A more top down society that facilitates an effective and more harmonious, uninterrupted flow between the education system and the labour market.
In many ways, the Rio+20 Earth Summit is a huge distraction; with an estimated 50,000 participants, and so much time, money and energy spent on negotiations for something that, in reality, is non-negotiable.
David Cameron and George Osborne. There really is something truly unsettling about the hair of these men. Bad hair, evidence indicates, is inextricably linked with bad economic policy...we're now officially in a double dip recession/depression: fine work gentleman! *Two thumbs up*