Josephine Oniyama

I'd like to tell you about something really positive. On Friday 5th May, I did a small show for an organisation called Sod This. It is an organisation that shouts, literally, 'sod this!' to homelessness. Now, I don't know what the situation is like in other parts of the country, but here in the northwest, homelessness has sky-rocketed in recent years.
Jamaican poet Linton Kwesi Johnson will be making an appearance in Manchester this week. On Saturday 23rd July, 2016, he'll be introducing Upon Westminster Bridge, a film about another Jamaican poet, Michael Smith. His introduction will also feature a reading of his own work. For me this is a rare and special treat.
On the 15th June it will be the 20th anniversary of the Manchester bombing by the Provisional IRA. In memory of that event HOME, Manchester, have teamed up with ANU Productions to present On Corporation Street, a piece of site-specific, immersive theatre.
Stowaway is the story of an Indian man who gets trapped in a labour camp in Dubai. He attempts to escape by stowing away in the wheel well of a flight bound for Heathrow. When the plane comes in to land, his frozen body comes loose and he falls into the car park of a B&Q store in London.
I was first approached to write for film in 2014. To celebrate the reopening of Manchester's Central Library, Manchester band Everything Everything were asked to curate a week long series of events which they titled Chaos to Order.
Greene's narrative, a take on the old Icarus myth, depicts a boy on a journey through space. Rather than flying too close to the sun, this new Icarus defies his father's warning and flies too close to a black hole instead.
Last year I was approached to be a part of the film and music series at HOME, Manchester's newest multi-arts venue. I was asked to create a live score for a silent film. My first choice was HÄXAN: witchcraft through the ages, a Danish horror documentary charting the varied perceptions of witchcraft and satanism from ancient times to the contemporary 1920s setting.
Throughout October 2015 I'll be on tour with Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra. This tour will be a little different for me. For starters there won't be a guitar in sight. Instead I'll be performing alongside Matthew's ambitious spiritual jazz ensemble, Gondwana Orchestra.
'EIGHT' was the bringing together of eight artists, four from Manchester, UK and four from Wuhan, China. Our collaboration was in celebration of the year of China/UK cultural exchange, 2015.
I've been asked a few times why I wanted to be involved in Beth Orton's Wall of Sound residency. Well, from music producers to lighting techs, the music industry is a predominantly male landscape.