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Josie Cunningham appearing on This Morning in January Supplying the newspaper with scans of the unborn child dated early
Josie Cunningham has been charged after allegedly posting explicit photos of her ex on Twitter, West Yorkshire Police have
Josie Cunningham has been arrested following an investigation by West Yorkshire Police. The mum-of-three, who made a name
While some readers appeared to agree with Cunningham (Moya tweeted: “Absolutely right. You tell them, Josie!”), not everyone
My enthusiasm turned to dismay when I was told that I didn't need the procedure because I didn't have enough facial laxity. I was flatly turned down. It turns out that my jowls are, in actual fact, a figment of my imagination.
There are plenty of other people living off the state when they're perfectly capable of working, women who have a constant stream of pregnancies and openly admit they do it for the benefits lifestyle - so why is Josie Cunningham the victim of such abuse?
Did she cure an unknown disease? No. Did she take a stand against one of the many social issues that affect women? No. Maybe she voiced an opinion about the current global warming debate... nope, wrong again. Other than being an overrated clothes horse, it's hard to see the value added when it comes to Kim K. However despite all the arguments against the all-encompassing Kardashian brand, you can't help but secretly admire her business acumen.
Since erupting into the public consciousness two years ago by flaunting her NHS-funded breast enlargement, Josie Cunningham
Following the early departures of Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley, it's thought that Katie Price could be heading into the
Danniella Westbrook has requested help from the police, after receiving abusive messages on Twitter. The former ‘EastEnders