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Josie Cunningham had a £4,800 breast enlargement operation on the NHS Revealing she had several glasses of wine and smoked
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Josie Cunningham, the glamour model best known for having said she’d abort her unborn child to be able to get into the ‘Big
UPDATE: Pregnant Josie Is Smoking & Drinking Because She Is 'Disappointed' About Baby's Sex PregnantJosie Cunningham is vowing
UPDATE: Pregnant Josie Cunningham Wants NHS Help To Kick 20 Cigarettes A Day Habit A wannabe glamour model who sparked outrage
A woman having an abortion is considered to be a cold and heartless whore unless she regrets and apologises for it. The truth is the majority of women don't regret it - I certainly don't. I knew straight away that I would have an abortion and I've never looked back with remorse. Sometimes you have to make the least-worst choice out of a bad bunch of options.
The thing with online abuse like this - so graphic, so violent - is, well, it's hard to explain unless you've experienced it. You think you're ready for it, that you know it's part of the territory. But it still shocks you. I always thought violent misogynistic trolling was reserved for famous or important people leading campaigns, not inconsequential bloggers like me.
Josie Cunningham has apologised to Katie Price via Twitter for comments she made about the star’s shock divorce tweets. Shortly
Katie Price has hit out at ‘Big Brother’ wannabe Josie Cunningham, the glamour model who controversially announced earlier
Josie Cunningham, the notorious NHS boob job mum, has decided not to abort her unborn baby in her quest for fame. The 23