A judge has ruled that a mother-of-six with learning disabilities can be sterilised. Health authority and social services
It's too easy to judge prematurely. Often we don't bother to find out why others do what they do. Judge them unfavorably and we get irritated, angry, annoyed; judge them favorably and we distort the reality to fit with our preference.
An investigation has been launched following claims a judge fell asleep in court, causing a child rape trial to be halted
An Iranian student and political activist, Maryam Shafipour, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the "judge
A man is being held in custody after a judge was attacked and his wig pulled off as he sat in court, in what bystanders described
My point is that people who make nasty comments via social media (or any other media) should think before they speak. They have no idea of how their comments might affect someone. Yes, I put my outfit out there to be judged, but that doesn't give anyone the right to attack me.
Judges are the ultimate arbiters of human conduct. With fiercely independent minds they are appointed to pass final judgement
The crime of scandalising a court may be consigned to history as the law's independent review body opens a consultation on
A 30-year-old woman who smashed Simon Cowell's window with a broken brick has been let off further time behind bars. Leanne
Nurse Gloria Dwomoh has been jailed for three years at the Old Bailey for killing her baby by force-feeding her in the first