'The leadership of the judiciary must be able to go through the eye of the needle to mitigate against abuse.'
"People's lives have improved in so many areas."
Chief justice says the courts are accused of overreaching when political parties use the courts to resolve internal disputes.
The computers with personal information on every judge were stolen just 16 hours after the Concourt's damning social grants judgment.
The state security minister believes local institutions are being used by foreign intelligence to weaken the state.
Justice Zondo is President Zuma's pick for the job of Deputy Chief Justice.
While President Trump continues to describe fact checkers as fake news it is vital to uphold our relationship with the truth, keeping communication avenues open between different sides of an argument as opposed to ignoring those we perceive as enemies and working to understand solutions together.
The final test will come when Trump starts showing signs of not accepting defeat at the polls in four years' time, or tries to call into question the limit on presidential terms after eight years. Then latest, will we know who Trump really is - which could be too late. It's going to be a challenging and tough time.