Martial arts master Jack Hearn is the oldest Judo Sensei in the UK. And at 92 years old, he has no plans of bowing out. The
Ashley had seen nothing like it before - this was the moment that changed his life forever. After running home crying and researching on the computer what this 'flip' was all about he discovered it was a judo move...
It's enough to make us want to have kids... dress them up in tiny little judo outfits, and make them fight each other. (Via
It kicks off with, well, a kick... and things go downhill from there. Yes, if you like your schadenfreude on the painful
I can't say I'd had an overwhelming urge to start Judo after watching Gemma Gibbons win her Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics but the potential of being grappled by a strapping hunk blinded my judgement on this decision...
Ole Bischof was on hand for a physical tutorial at Favela Rocinha, as Becker was willingly hoisted by the London 2012 silver
A judo star who attended a Buckingham Palace party for Olympic and Paralympic participants was so flushed with pride and
UPDATE: Ashley Gill-Webb has pleaded not guilty, after being charged with a public order offence, allegedly having thrown
I've just read Andrew M. Brown's article Women's judo: it's disturbing to watch these girls beat each other up on the Telegraph Online. Brown only gives us a couple of paragraphs, but never have two paragraphs made me want to tear my own eyes out more.
Britain has moved up the charts after winning two more gold medals, and three silver. Team GB is now fifth on the world medal
Team GB's Gemma Gibbons lost her under-78kg judo final 2-0 to the USA's Kayla Harrison to win silver at the London 2012 Olympics
"I love you mum." Those were the first words Team GB's tearful Gemma Gibbons uttered after she reached the under-78kg judo
Judo black belt and Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to use his visit to London today to take a seat in the Olympic
A Saudi Olympic athlete has been banned from wearing the hijab when she competes in the Judo competition next week. The International