Julia de Cadenet

Does Michael Tien's appeal herald that Hong Kong will be a bridge to animal welfare legislation in China's mainland? In the
Was he stolen? Or was he sold into the dog meat trade - a cruel industry where over 10 million dogs and cats each year are
A successful outcome to this afternoon's debate would be for MP"s to back our petition to Mathew Rycroft, the UK Ambassador
20 years ago an amazing woman, and mentor to our cause, South Korean-born activist Kyenan Kum succeeded in getting mainstream airtime on the Korean dog meat trade. But after this programme was broadcast she found that doors were closed rather than opened.
Last Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl thousands attended a glittering evening performance of Chinese Splendor - the finale of a two week extravaganza of dance, music and theatre showcasing an array of national art forms from Chinese culture.