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Nick Clegg could face legal action following remarks made about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Speaking on LBC on Thursday
Julian Assange has announced that he will be leaving the Ecuadorian embassy "soon". He's cited ill health as the reason - but
In fact, it was disappointingly dull: And remember: there's always someone else who could do with holing himself up for a
The UK Government cancelled a working group set up with Ecuador to find a way of resolving the future of Julian Assange, the
Two years on since Assange's self-imprisonment, we ask ourselves where we are. Manning is behind bars; Assange is in self-imposed confinement; WikiLeaks is reduced to the embarrassment of coughing out already available information; and the world has moved on.
Assange, whose WikiLeaks has lost much of its lustre and is now embarrassingly reduced to regurgitating "very sensitive" intelligence emails and publicly available information, says he will press on, that "the WikiLeaks Party will continue for sure," according to the Australian Associated Press. That's not likely to happen, so long as its leader remains in hiding.
The judge in the Bradley Manning Wikileaks case has refused to dismiss a charge of 'aiding the enemy' sparking fears it could
It's been exactly one year since Julian Assange sought refuge in Ecuador's embassy in London - but what has everyone's favourite
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has described the ex-CIA employee who leaked secret US surveillance details as a "hero" and
A senior Ecuadorian government minister is to visit London on the eve of the first anniversary of WikiLeaks founder Julian