Julian Huppert

I care about security, and I care about privacy. We do need legislation to control state surveillance, and it should allow the state to monitor people suspected of serious wrongdoing, while stopping mass surveillance of the whole population. But it takes time to get it right, and Parliamentarians should show the confidence to reject this version as well, and reject the rushed timetable.
People with mental health issues should wear identifying wristbands, according to a compassionate Conservative standing for
The political parties seek to differentiate themselves on issues such as the NHS, immigration, the economy, mental health, education, nationalism, the environment, austerity, and much else. But science rarely seems to rank as even a second-tier area for political differentiation...
The case for reform grows stronger by the day, as does public support for a rethink. We need to be bold and courageous to follow the evidence and put an end to the prohibitionist approach which has repeatedly and invariably failed us all.
David Cameron is under pressure to stop hiding an official report which would undermine government rhetoric about immigrants
The "weak" committee of MPs that oversees the intelligence agencies is too ready to believe what it is told by Britain's
The detention of a Guardian journalist's partner by police at Heathrow airport appears to be a "clear abuse" of counter-terrorism
As the UN celebrated the rather insidious International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, a day that has in the past been malevolently marked by executions, a counter voice resonated across the globe thanks to the Support Don't Punish campaign.
These are early days in an argument that may well rumble on for months, even years. Indeed, the trade-off between security-driven rules and individual liberty will, and should, be something that we never stop debating. What this poll suggests is that neither side has a clear lead.
Ministers should examine whether the United States has used its Prism system to spy on British companies as well as the UK
Drugs can often prove to be an arduous, convoluted conversation. To try and unpick the tangled knot that is global drug policy
A Liberal Democrat MP facing disciplinary action after accusing "the Jews" of atrocities against Palestinians has issued
David Ward is to be dragged before the Liberal Democrat chief whip next week following a backlash over his comments likening
The UKBA's "competence" has been questioned after "alarming" text messages were mistakenly sent to immigrants with the right
Despite warnings from digital rights groups, privacy advocates and experts in the tech world, the government has gone ahead with their plans for blanket surveillance measures on the internet, including controversial practices such as deep packet inspection.
For the Liberal Democrats as much as any other other party, blogging is generally a grassroots activity. It was something