Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough shows her ex, Ryan Seacrest, what he's missing on a sunshine break to Miami. The 'Footloose' star - who split
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Josh Duhamel has been sharing his delight at the prospect of becoming a first-time father with his superstar wife Fergie
Tom Cruise turned his well-known macho persona on its head to play Stacee Jaxx, rock star without parallel, in epic musical
Many members of the Great British public- and especially the male quota- would rather lick every pavement in Camden Town than watch a movie musical giving 80s rock a High School Musical make over. But luckily for Rock of Ages, I am not one of those people.
Satire died, so we are told, the day Henry Kissinger won a Nobel Peace Prize. There were no more jokes to be told. Similarly
Tom Cruise has revealed that opening his mouth to sing for his role in Rock of Ages was up there with the scariest things
Rock of Ages is not scheduled for release until June but Tom Cruise's pitch to be the undisputed king of hair rock seems
If Rock of Ages wasn't already set to be camp enough, the high-octane film just upped a notch with hair-flicking, air-strumming