Julie Christie

Veteran actor Terence Stamp has revealed that he was almost killed on set recently, when a horse fell on him during filming
The 1973 horror film ‘Don’t Look Now’ is set to be remade, according to reports. Nicolas Roeg’s movie has become a classic
What constitutes a great romance? Is it boy gets girl or is it more about the journey and discovering that they're actually falling for each other?
So for me, the strike is over: not for any particularly good reason, just because it has gone on a week, and it is time to pass the baton over to Frankie Boyle. I was not sure when I began how long I would go for, since I had never foregone food for 48 hours before. I am satisfied with a week - it is longer than I expected to last, though less time than I could have.
Stamp's path through life could have been very different. For an East End lad growing up in post-war London, acting was not on the cards. "I left the East End quite early in terms of other kids my age. My mother made a terrible fuss, but my dad didn't mind at all. But if I was going to try acting, I couldn't have done it had I stayed at home."
Darling is not a role model but a regular model, the Honeyglow girl with warm eyes and a calm smile, the rest of her bubbles with recklessness. She is too aimless to be someone to look up to, her ambition is ambition itself. Darling is Diana Scott. You can see how well her nickname fits in her first scene, she crosses a London road, swinging her handbag, careless and carefree and then she smiles and her face beams, radiates new light.