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Victoria Wood's close friend and long-time collaborator Julie Walters has described the loss of the comedian as "incalculable
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ‘Lewis’ actor Laurence Fox has urged Julie Walters to “shut up”, following her
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For many it's been a struggle to get there. Young actors emerge from their training weighed down by debt, and - given that less than 2% of actors earn over £20,000 a year from their acting - many leave the profession in the first 5 to 10 years, to seek financial security, dignity, and some quality of life.
Julie Walters has admitted that she worries for working-class youngsters who want to break into the entertainment industry
‘Coronation Street’ bosses have denied rumours that Julie Walters will be making an arrival on the cobbles in the near future
Julie Walters has played many weird and wonderful characters over her forty year career, but her latest role looks to be
The government's new qualification for 16-year-olds could limit pupils' choice and fuel inequalities in the education system
Sir Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters performed this week with a star-studded cast to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the