Julius Malema

The EFF leader on Sunday posted a video of U.S activist Louis Farrakhan encouraging black people to use violence to fight historical injustices.
Sars and Julius Malema go way back.
But they 'do not see eye to eye' on all the details of land expropriation.
The author of 'The President's Keepers' hits back at EFF leader Julius Malema.
ICYMI, in yesterday's EFF press briefing, Malema made more controversial statements on subjects ranging from Cyril Ramaphosa to Fifi Cooper, Dali Mpofu representing Tom Moyane, and more.
Malema took a hilarious swipe at Zizi Kodwa, who previously suggested the ANC should get more media coverage because it is the majority party.
Another day, another sweeping statement without any back-up evidence from the EFF leader...
'People who value their own freedom must, in other words, equivalently value the freedom of others.'
And she wants all her awards, Facebook page and music videos back.
Lekota, who was seated next to Malema eventually got up and moved to another seat.