Junior doctor

Health workers report feeling “guilt and sorrow” after feeling forced to shave their facial hair to be fitted for PPE.
Junior doctor Matthew Lee filmed the "maskless, drunk" crowd outside a busy London hospital after finishing a late shift on New Year's Eve.
Amid Covid-related rise in South East Asian prejudice, Dr Alex Lee was told by the patient that they wanted a white team.
The World Health Organisation's advice to government has been simple: 'Test, test, test', writes Sarah Borg.
The diagnosis made sense as the patient was the colour of Homer Simpson – from the early series, when the contrast was much more extreme and everyone looked like a cave painting
Doctors desperately need more time to care for their patients and we can’t reasonably expect them to work indefinitely under conditions of extreme stress compounded by technological inefficiency.
Balancing life, love and a career: the age old challenge for 20-somethings. A challenge that has gotten the better of many. And I am NOT going to sit here with my Lidl lager and pretend I've got it all figured out. Absolutely not. Especially with my choices.
Just over a week ago, Einstein's theory of gravitational waves was finally proven. Queue a lot of scientists, jumping up
Sleep deprivation is kicking in, hard. I am groggy. Even in front of patients, I rub my eyes and yawn. I can't help it. If a doctor turned up to work drunk, he would instantly be sacked. So why is it deemed acceptable for me to work in this condition?