Kallie Kriel

The Afriforum CEO maintains only 700 people were killed by the apartheid security police.
Angry Ernst Roets quotes a Jewish author on hanging intellectuals and academics...but says he does not intend to do harm.
The Afrikaner-rights organisation has sent its top leadership overseas to talk about issues it is concerned about.
"There is a good case against him. They were supposed to go ahead with prosecution a long time ago."
"AfriForum must do everything possible to prevent South Africa becoming a second Zimbabwe."
"Do not call him on this number again."
"I'm not just learning a language, I am learning a culture and a people. But it is very hard when it is antagonistic."
I am Afrikaans, and have been my whole life. But I am also coloured. Does that disqualify me from being an "Afrikaner"? In English. En in Afrikaans.