kama sutra

A new adult colouring book is guaranteed to liven up your alone time. The Kama Sutra colouring book, released on 30 September
Are you searching for the perfect present for the 'Star Wars' fan in your life? Look no further. Someone called S N Herder
Have you ever wondered why people from Wales love doing it doggy style? No? Moving swiftly on, UK Medix took a survey of
This Valentine's Day be careful not to be consumed in mushiness - keep your wits about you. One moment you're in the can't
Next week is Sports Day, the slip in his book bag told me. Occasionally, I still have nightmares about school PE. They want us to turn up and "cheer the children on". It is reassuringly worded to reinforce a non-competitive vibe ("an emphasis is placed on the taking part"). Then I see there's a buggy race. This sounds like a dubiously worded 'mummies race'.
A couple of weeks ago someone messaged me on twitter saying, "My buddy just told me about tantric experience! What is that?" I replied, "In essence, tantra is the use of (sexual) energy to refine consciousness and awareness."