If Mariah Carey prides herself on being branded a diva, she hasn't let herself down with her latest behaviour - leaving her
The celebrity conjures up so much nonsense, he gives Dr Seuss a run for his money on the gobbledygook front.
Richard Marx seems like a mellow kind of man, with ballads including global hits 'Right Here Waiting' and 'Hazard' to his
With panto season in full flight, I was pleased to see Cold War hero and burger enthusiast David Hasselhoff playing Captain Hook at the Theatre Royal - in my native Nottingham. And it made me wonder about the public's relationship with villainous stars, and why certain individuals continue to court global success despite not actually being liked.
Feeling queasy, hot sweats and nauseous? Doctors are scratching their heads over the latest epidemic sweeping the nation. The Valentine's Day bug - and it's contagious. Just ask US chart-topper Trey Songz.
Hip-hop star Kanye West has been courting Middle Eastern millionaires to invest in an upcoming film project. The rapper is
Kanye West is becoming something of a fashion curio. He launched his first collection to what we shall politely call 'mixed
Hip-hop superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West had money to burn this Christmas after banking a reported $6 million (£3.8 million