Karren Brady

So it's back, in all its belt-and-braces greed-is-good glory, with Lord Sugar failing to crack a smile through the first
'The Apprentice' is back! Back, we tell you! Will Lord Sugar quote someone's CV back at them? Will Karren Brady give a look
‘The Apprentice’ is back on our screens later this month, and now we’ve finally been introduced to the contestants heading
The Tory ranks in the House of Lords are set to grow as David Cameron has handed out a raft of new peerages. Many of the
Businesswoman Karren Brady and former Marks & Spencer chief executive Sir Stuart Rose are among 12 new Conservative working
You might be forgiven for thinking that our economy has fully recovered, especially with unemployment back to pre-recession levels, and the UK showing the strongest growth in Europe, surpassing all predictions. The view from many is that we're through the worst. But, the reality is different for many people, especially those who either have just left or are leaving school to compete for the limited number of jobs available.
West Ham have agreed a deal to sell Upton Park to a developer once the club have completed their move to the Olympic Stadium
We are lucky as women that in this day and age it isn't as hard as it used to be to make a strong stand in business and high posts... With regards to Luisa, some would say that she uses the title of businesswoman to be taken seriously but use still her sexuality to become popular. Is this really the right way to go?
'Apprentice' star Karren Brady has claimed Lord Alan Sugar would have a “mild stroke” if he saw the show's runner-up Luisa
With so much uncertainty, perhaps it is less surprising that just under one million young people remain out of employment, education or training. The research shows that the problem is not that young people aren't receptive to careers advice but that they haven't received enough of it. Young people are eager to find out more information on the full range of options open to them - both academic and vocational- as 20% of those polled wanted more information than they were currently getting. Research from the CBI and LifeSkills Youth Barometer reveals that 93% of young people are not getting the careers advice they need.