Kat Slater

Now that Kim Kardashian is married to one of the most fashionable men in music (or at least that’s what he’ll tell you), you’d
TV fans have voted to decide on the best soap moment ever, crowning the famous scene where Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) found
Loveable EastEnders' couple Kat and Alfie Moon may not have any money at the moment but we've seen smiles plastered all over
Eastenders' Kat Slater and Alfie Moon are set to get back together. The soap's executive producer Lorraine Newman let slip
EastEnders' Roxy Mitchell is left hoping arch rival Kat Moon will come to her rescue when she is attacked by builder Josef
Writing this on the morning of Thanksgiving is especially appropriate, coming on the heels of last night watching two excellent episodes of EastEnders on public television in the US, which is about eight years behind the storyline you lot see in the UK. Yes, I'm in a time-warp.