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Kate Bush, in case you hadn't noticed, made a rather successful return to the stage on Tuesday night in the first of 22 shows
Kate Bush made a triumphant return to the stage on Tuesday night as she launched her 'Before The Dawn' series of London shows
Flying back from Brazil last week through a long dark night of turbulence in the plaintive wake of Hurricane Bertha, one prevailing thought endured as I clutched the arm rest mercilessly - this bastard plane best not go down before I get to see Kate Bush in concert next week.
Kate Bush has issued a statement on her official website asking fans to refrain from taking photos and videos during her
"How would you like to pay?" Bash in credit card details and notice that the booking fee for each ticket is £7.50. Postage is £2.50. Starting to experience rising anger. Don't get sidetracked.
Kate Bush during her last tour in 1979 As expected, the internet descended into a state of panic when the tickets went on
Kate Bush has announced that she is to perform an additional 7 live shows in London later this year. While last week the
As Kate Bush announces her first tour in 35 years, let's delve through her back catalogue and discover how the darker side of cinema influenced some of her greatest hits.
Kate Bush's return to the footlights is, rightly, being treated by jaw-dropping fans as The Second Coming. It's been a mighty
Kate Bush remains sexy in a way that few girls on today's pop catwalk might properly understand. Hers is a power that comes from within, based on self-belief, power of vocal expression, and an internal keg of passion almost mystical in its creation. With the word bandied around these days to describe anyone who looks half-decent on Instagram, Kate Bush really is a living, breathing goddess.