Kate Middleton style

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have enjoyed a dram at a whisky distillery - and picked up a kilt for baby George - on
Kate is no ordinary young woman, she is the Duchess of Cambridge, a future Queen; let's bring on the glamorous 'show-stoppers' and maybe an updo for a change, although full marks for the pony-tail by the way!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have attended an awards ceremony recognising outstanding conservationists at the start
By the time the Duchess left the King Edward VII Hospital, back to her professional, smiling self, there can't have been a media outlet across the world that hadn't carried the news that she was expecting. Of course as we all now know, sad to say, the story did not end there. Hilarity at a prank call to the hospital by two Australian DJs, turned to horror as news broke towards the end of the week that the nurse who had taken the call had allegedly committed suicide.
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UPDATE: The Duchess of Cambridge will not be joining the Centre Point Sleep Over in November this year, according to a spokesperson
The Duchess of Cambridge stunned onlookers today in a dress by Alexander McQueen and a hat by Jane Taylor. Kate chose the
The hat is back on top. Well, it's difficult to imagine it any place else other than the top but needless to say, it's happily back on its perch.
Ballet pumps are every girl's fail-safe stylish-but-comfy shoe - and there's one brand on the high street that Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge (aka The Artist Formerly Known As Kate Middleton) once again championed high street fashion last