Kate Osamor

Columnist Rod Liddle suggested the MP and her baroness mother were only successful because of "the colour of their skin".
'This world is messed up. It’s not easy. But if a leader is killing their own they need to be removed.'
The five things you need to know on Friday, March 10… 1) PICK N NICS Although Theresa May and Philip Hammond have been around
The progress made in recent years on gender-based violence, reproductive rights, equal pay and women and girls empowerment is extremely welcome, however, there is still a long way to go in this fight.
A Labour-run DfID would seek to offer a hybrid approach that focuses on economic, environmental and social development, without ever losing sight of what DfID was created to achieve. I will continue to champion the invaluable work DfID does and ensure the UK does not wane on its foreign aid commitments.
Today is marked by activists and survivors with rage and disbelief, and ultimately a sense of frustration. Another year has passed and across the globe millions more women and girls have been brutalised or killed at the hands of predominately male perpetrators. Violence against women and girls continues to be at epidemic proportion. Returning to this day, year on year only to feel aghast and ashamed at the sheer scale of gender-based violence will do little to change the plight of women and girls across the globe. What we need to do is prevent the violence from happening in the first place.
Women continue to face discrimination and sexism. That in turn collectively damages our society and our economy. And we know that the austerity policies of this government, slashing public services and entitlement to social security, have hit women hardest. That's why I'm so glad that Jeremy Corbyn has opened up a big discussion about the role women would play if he is elected leader of the Labour party.