Katie Price

Katie Price is pretty media savvy. Just yesterday she managed to get her own name in the news on the back of ex-husband Peter
Katie Price said she felt "physically sick" and concerned for the safety of her children after a tracking device was found
The I'm A Celebrity jungle is about to get a visit from a bushtucker trial veteran - Peter Andre. The Australian singer who
When I was growing up, the celebrities I looked up to were actors and musicians. They were people who had sacrificed normal lives and showed up on red carpets looking glamorous.
They are the pictures we thought we'd never see - Katie Price and ex-husband Peter Andre burying the hatchet, as it were
She may have made million from flaunting her surgically-enhanced body, but Katie Price has proven once and for all that money
Where Winston Churchill and the Dalai Lama have walked, so will follow... Katie Price, with the pneumatic all-rounder set
There are more wannabes than ever - spewed from the money-making mouths of TOWIE (which, incidentally Jodie is rumoured to be joining), Made In Chelsea, Big Brother, Geordie Shores and so on.But of them all, Jodie Marsh is Queen. And I for one am glad she's back.
When I heard that Katie Price was about to launch a new Reality TV show called Signed by Katie my first reaction was 'oh no not another one'. Then I thought: 'why do we need another Reality show and why is Katie Price a suitable celebrity to front it?' Let me just clarify this is not another attack on Katie Price.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Katie Price is to take on the gossip magazines by launching her own title - about herself. The 33-year