Katie Waissel

Cheryl Cole and Cher Lloyd had an infamous spat earlier this year, and now another one of Chezza's former proteges has hit
Katie and her fiance, Brad So back to the tattoos. It would be kinda romantic if it wasn't such a stupid idea. Not to rain
There are many perks to being a celeb. The money, the parties, the adoration, the free spray tans... but there are times
Will future generations look back on our love of the X Factor in the same way that we look back on our ancestors' love of
FORMER X Factor star Katie Waissel has leapt to the defence of under-fire wannabe Kitty Brucknell.
One of this year's X ­Factor ­contestants has already had an ­emotional meltdown, saying she wants to "jump off a cliff". Kitty
I'm on my way to London's Sanctum Soho Hotel where I'll be spending the afternoon with the 25 year-old woman who, less than