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A documentary on the life of Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley could shed new light on the bid to find the remains
Moors murderer Ian Brady's mental health advocate will not be charged over allegations she failed to tell the police about
Brady and his crimes, of course, stir up strong emotions and continuing interest from law enforcement. Only in August, Ms Powell was arrested after telling the makers of a television documentary that Brady had sent her a letter to be given after his death to Winifred Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett, the only one of his victims whose body has still not been found.
Tests have been carried out on a spade found buried on Saddleworth Moor to establish whether it has any connection to the
Arguments to 'bring back the death penalty' and 'not give Brady what he wants' are flawed by their motivation. Hanging a noose round Brady's neck or shoving a tube into Brady's stomach just because we're angry isn't good enough. Emotion should never be given a place in law.
The tragic news of the death of Winifred Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett, brings closure to a life of peculiar torment but not an end to one of the most notorious episodes in British criminal history.
A TV documentary about Moors murderer Ian Brady will air on Monday with the approval of Winnie Johnson's family, Channel
Ian Brady has been told by the family of Keith Bennett to "do the decent thing" following the death of Bennett's mother, Winnie
Moors Murderer Ian Brady refused to co-operate with police when they launched a covert operation nine years ago to find the
The mother of Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett has died without knowing where her son is buried. According to her lawyer